Dinner, Dancing and Harmony

Harmony Club Dinner & Dances

Dinner, dancing, and great company, all at a lovely banquet hall – sounds like a great way to spend a Friday evening, doesn’t it? If so, look no further than a Friday night Dinner & Dances held by Harmony Club.
Running every Friday night featuring special events throughout the year such as, Valentine's Gala, Hawaiian, Latin, Elvis nights, summer BBQs, Halloween Bash, Christmas Feast and other themed events.

Harmony Club hosts these weekly dances at Peter and Paul Banquet Hall, at 231 Milner Ave. in Scarborough. They have been among the most popular dance clubs in Toronto over an extremely active 30-year span.

The dances are for singles and couples over 30, and it’s a great excuse to get
dressed up in your evening best. It’s not all dancing and dressing up, however, as the Signature Catering Inc. serves a lavish dinner between 6:30 and 8:00 pm, the food is of the highest accord. The establishment is licensed for refreshments and drinks.

Celebrating birthday, anniversary other special occasion? Why go to expensive
restaurants? Just invite your friends (groups of up to 60 persons) and enjoy exquisite dinner, all night dancing for the fraction of the cost of a restaurant. The odds are high that you will have a great time and make your party a success and memorable occasion.

So let’s get dinning, dancing all the while mingling, socializing & meeting new friends Harmony Club is the place to be.

For additional information check www.harmonyclub.ca
Or contact through email, phone, or social media for any questions.


What our customers are saying?

Annual union meeting - glad it was here ! The food was really quite good, especially the little roasted potatoes with beef gravy - I just had to make a trip back to the serving table to get a second helping! The chicken breasts were large, boneless and juicy. Even loved the incredibly hot hot sauce (which I put on the rice)! And the fruit tray followed by cheesecake, well.......hello!
Thom Cadeau
''It’s nice for big events!
Just had an event and the place held 300 plus capacity''
Kitz E-A
''Nice Hall for parties and reunions. I like the interior decoration. The food was specialized to the group in attendance.'
D W Thompson
''Love this place! The decore is very nice! The food is great every Friday dinner and ballroom dancing for 20 bucks !!!! Bring your ballroom dancing shoes. If you like to have fun dancing with beautiful ladies, come to Harmony Club on Friday nights here at Peter and Paul Banquet Hall!''
Jeannette K
My wedding was at Sts Peter & Paul banquet hall on September 2, 2017. They gave a really good price for the hall and food. Their service was excellent and the food was delicious. They even tended to all the last minute changes we asked for including the change in the number of guests. The manager Olga was very kind and easy to deal with. They really made my day special. We couldn't have asked for a better banquet hall very clean, amazing food and service. I strongly recommend this banquet hall for any event.
Layal Eletry